5 obvious workplace trends and predictions in 2020

Work is rapidly and dramatically changing! Offices have diverted from the classic office look to a more engaging, inclusive and interior design focused workplace. It’s safe to say that 2020 will be the year of the office face-lift.

We are now in the second month of the new year and decade, and from what we can see, there are some major shifts in the workplace. We are redefining co-working, flexible working, sustainability and mental health awareness. It’s time to crack the rigid 9-to-5 schedules.

Diverse use of workplace in Sweden. Hive Workspace

Workplace trend predictions 2020: What’s the future of work?

1. Flexible and remote working

Freelancers, digital nomads and solopreneurs are no longer working from libraries and cafes. As shared offices and coworking spaces are becoming more affordable (or at least more valuable), an increasing number of people from different working backgrounds are starting to use coworking spaces.

This is also the case for companies who offer their employees the option to work remotely. Since shared workspace is now more than just a place to simply plug in your laptop, all kinds of companies are now waking up and smelling the coffee. They are now realising that remote offices like Hive Workspace can be beneficial in multitudes of ways by letting their employees sit in different locations that’s adapted for their needs.

2. Focus on mental well-being

People who opt for the co-working environment are reportedly less lonely, more engaged and more likely to turn to other co-working members for help or guidance. You can’t expect the same results in a stressful corporate workplace or on the extremely comfortable sofa at your home.

3. Diverse use of workplace in Sweden: Hive Workspace

Offices, co-working, meeting rooms, conference rooms and event venues – all in one (also, let’s not forget about the coffee meetings daily). That’s where we are headed in 2020. The basic office amenities of the shared offices of the yesteryear provided – are no longer enough.

People are looking for a space that has a lounge area for relaxing, a cafe for quick snacks, a conference room for conducting meetings and somewhere to host formal events.

Happy employees at Hive workspace Sweden, Stockholm

However, diversification doesn’t mean distraction. Workspaces need to find the balance between comfortable and casual.

4. The workspace for Gen Z, Millennials and startups

As the Gen Z and Millennials are stepping into the workforce, they are expecting more out of their work than their older counterparts. In fact, the newer generation is set to form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. With this in mind, they expect and want the most fulfillment out of their careers. They want the companies they work for to share the same vision, and deliver a close-knit work culture as well as flexible and remote benefits. We believe co-working spaces can fulfill these demands.

Understandably, mainstream corporations and large enterprises are right up there with the startup companies when it comes to contributing to the growing demand for co-working spaces.

5. Collaboration for growth

In the last couple of years, Stockholm has turned into a unicorn factory. However, the latest trend among this new breed of startups is collaborations and growing beneficially together. More and more businesses are finding inspiration in their co-working community along with seeking business synergies, which is of course very valuable to each of the parties. No doubt, the appeal of co-working spaces and shared offices with the lively mix of people and companies, small and large seems to be the way to go 2020.

Hive Workspace: Coworking in Orebro, Stockholm, Gothenburg

We believe in the digital evolution, but we also strive to retain the human element at the workplace. Who are we? We are a community of thinkers, achievers, believers and leaders. We offer creative work environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit.

Creative work atmosphere and flexible workplace in Sweden- Hive Workspace

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