The most important benefit of a flexible, mobile, co-working space.

It’s no secret that flexible co-working spaces bring a number of practical as well as financial benefits to the table; but there’s so much more that they have to offer. Perhaps the most important benefit of co-working spaces for organisations is a stronger sense of work identity among employees.

Shaping your work identity.

First, let’s broadly define work identity. How an employee feels is an extent of a workplace or organisation.
It’s emotional, psychological and subjective. In other words, it’s all about how closely or strongly a person identifies with their job and organisation.

Shared workplaces is a bustling mix of diverse values. From entrepreneurs, small businesses to big corporate organisations. Many people believe and expect that there is a disconnection between a persons work identity and the company they work for, given that they are exposed to many work cultures at ones, one can easily jump to that conclusion.

However, the opposite has been proven true by a HBR survey.

The purpose of the survey was to find out if identifying with a co-working space impacts a worker’s ability to deeply connect with their organisation.

The study has proven that working out of shared offices helps employees to connect with the company they work for and therefore doesn’t stain the message of the brand.

Hive Workspace Stockholm: Benefits of coworking and shared offices

How do coworking spaces shape your work identity?

For some, a shared office is “just a space”. On the other hand, those who recognize that a coworking space plays an active role in shaping their professional and organizational identities- they thrive and are reportedly more productive at work.


The reasons are as diverse as the people occupying these co-working spaces.

For solo remote workers and digital nomads:

A defined workplace brings credibility and seriousness. Co-working spaces have a sense of professionalism, as opposed to the traditional forms of remote workspaces, for example their home or coffee shops.

For employees of established organizations:

With company subsidier memberships, employees feel that the employers take their needs seriously, irregardless of where they are located. They feel that the company cares.

For new startups:

New businesses make a positive impression on a potential clientele. A new way of working proves the company’s willingness and openness to change, which could ultimately create more visibility and help the business grow.

Choose a space that reflects on your identity and what you want to cultivate for your business.

Hive Workspace Sweden: How do coworking spaces help shape your work identity?

Hive Workspace is created for spontaneity and creativity.

A flexible office space doesn’t demand a choice between open floor plans or cubicle walls.

Most conversations don’t call for a round table, a presentation board or closed doors.
Inspiring, collaborative work happens when people can converse freely (albeit not by encroaching on someone’s personal space) without being interrupted, kicked out and frowned upon for not following strict rules and regulations.

An open communal workspace signals that people are open to these kinds of conversations. On the other hand, we also sometimes need private spaces to work in quietly, or to hold internal team meetings.

A mindful space is free from clutter. We like to keep it simple, balancing the spaces with tasteful art, comfortable furniture and splashes of colour here and there. We don’t like our offices sterile and empty. We prefer it with babble and a crackle of life.

What most people fail to grasp is that clutter is different from creative chaos. You might work better with a bit of creative chaos around you, and that is why we have a private desk for you.

Find your space: at Hive Workspace, Sweden

In order to grow, you need the right space. Choose your space carefully. Every place has a purpose and an identity; but does that identity align with your company’s?

Book a tour and find out. We’d love to show you around and find the right kind of space for you.

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