Why choose Hive Workspace for coworking?

Coworking has come a long way from sitting at a cafe along with a bunch of freelancers. Hive Workspace is leading the way in creating a comfortable, growth-centric coworking space in Sweden for the leaders of tomorrow.

Coworking space with coffee in Sweden, Stockholm. Hive Workspace

Why should you join Hive Workspace for coworking?

1. Innovative, safe and relaxing workplace

All rooms are carefully furnished and equipped with everything  you could possibly need to work comfortably. For instance, our members have access to wired as well as wireless broadband Internet and fair printing facilities among other perks.

Whether you wish to be in the center of the buzz, in the lounge area, or you need a dedicated conference room for workshops, seminars, coaching, meetings and training– this is the perfect space for you. We also have fixed individual and team work desks as well as flexible seating areas for collaborative work.

We understand that design plays an important part in creating a relaxed, inspiring work space. That is why you won’t find any ‘boring’ corner at The Hive. Each arrangement has been tastefully curated for maximum comfort. Plus, coffee is always available!

The lounge area in Hive Workspace, Sweden has a cafe serving fresh coffee and tasty snacks to keep you energized for working for a long time or chill with friends.

2. The digital nomad’s office

While we agree that the life of a digital nomad is pretty cool, the ‘world’ is hardly an ideal office. Working remotely doesn’t mean working from the comfort of your bed. You still need to get out there and connect with people who share your interests, goals and/or skills. And Hive Workspace is the perfect place for that.

The Hive Workspace offers networking and collaborative opportunities to freelancers and digital nomads (also, digital settlers). You can work remotely while also meeting new people in a semi-professional area.

And the best part? You can find your space for a single day or an entire month. This is perfect for those who travel often- so you only need to pay for a space when you will actually be using it.

Select your office in either of the three primary locations in Sweden now.

3. Perfect shared office for solopreneurs, small businesses and creative professionals in Sweden

We heartily invite creative professionals to share our space. Ours is a community that is built around inspiring, helping and sharing experiences with each other in order to grow together.

The vibrant, yet soothing modern design of the Hive Workspace is made to suit the fast-growing startup ecosystem here in Sweden. We also do our best to contribute to the resources that are available to entrepreneurs, freelancers and employees.

Hive workspace allows you to work solo or in collaboration or with teams. We provide all the facilities you need to work comfortably.

With the corporate landscape evolving at a fast pace, we believe that the only way to sustainably grow is together. We gather representatives from various organizations and conduct events and panel discussions on an array of hot topics and skills in the respective fields.

We welcome our members to be a part of such events (sometimes as part of the exclusive perks they receive) where they can meet local investors, accelerators and thought leaders.

You can also book fully equipped, unintrusive meeting rooms for conferences and team meetings. Furthermore, the cafe provides for a comfortable, semi-formal and functional space for working while also enjoying an occasional snack or talk over a cup of joe.

Join Hive Workspace in Sweden

Hive Workspace not only caters to Tech Startups but welcomes companies and individuals of all kinds. Join our diversified space where you can focus 100% on your own business while also contributing to an active exchange of new ideas and innovation.

Come in and say hello! We’ll be happy to tell you more about us.

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