Remote collaboration during isolation

Sales are at an all-time low and marketing teams are fumbling to make sense of the unprecedented situation. SMEs and startups are probably the worst hit by the COVID-19 crisis, and the economic fallout shall persist for a while now. 

However, the bleak news is followed by a ray of sunshine. Brands, big and small, are coming together to overcome this crisis and make life in isolation easier for their customers. There are so many instances of collaboration in isolation that spring to mind- such as when Cottonelle tied up with United Way to discourage panic-buying, or the more recent, Google-Apple collab for tracking the spread of the virus. 

Should you team up or go solo?

It’s understandable that some organizations might be concerned about splitting the revenue with partners when ROI metrics are a hair’s breadth away from flatlining. On the other hand, there are considerable benefits to collaboration as well, especially during these uncertain times. 

  1. Building a new customer base
  2. Associates your brand with a cause
  3. Sharing the workload
  4. Long-term relationships
  5. Motivation during difficult times
Virtual meetings and remote collaboration during self-isolation

How to collaborate during self-isolation? 

Collaboration is difficult enough during normal times as it is. Add a crisis and self-isolation into the mix and things become a tad more complicated. 

Here are some simple aspects to consider teaming up over during isolation: 

1. Come together for a common cause

Brands are under scrutiny for how they are responding to this crisis. Each contribution counts. 

2. Share marketing messages and social media space

Your social media space is as valuable as a billboard. Share that space with a peer-business or feature on their social media channels. 

Work from home like you are in a coworking space

3. Affiliate marketing

Similar to the previous one, you can promote a brand’s products or services on your page.

4. Influencer marketing

Reach out to influencers in your space to promote your own products or services (if you are still operating). 

Collaborate for the future

Put cloud based communication tools like Zoom, WeChat and Slack to use as you stay home. Connect with like-minded people and make the best of the situation. 

We, at Hive Workspace, believe in the power of collaboration. We put humans and human relations above everything else. And we believe that we will emerge stronger, with deeper relationships once the storm blows over.

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