“You are not alone”. Self-care is just easier in coworking spaces.

Putting in more hours, getting more work done, achieving more targets and delivering more deadlines. It’s always more, more and more.

But it eventually leads to less self-care, and less productivity.

And while you are in the rat race, huffing and panting your way to a drained evening – have you spared a thought for yourself? Your physical and mental health? Are you giving enough time to self-care?

For most people, self-care is limited to taking a vacation or splurging on the spa every weekend. But what about the 40+ hours every week?

Physical, mental and emotional well-being is not about living life during weekends or punching a hole in your pocket. In fact, it is about being your best self everywhere – including (and especially at) the workplace.

So what can you do to practice self-care in a regular working routine?

How to weave self-care into your regular working day?

  • Discover creative outlets around you
  • Practice time management with the Pomodoro Technique
  • Meet more people who are not in the same working field as you
  • Form a healthy routine with ample sleep
  • Toss the work routine out of the window for a day
  • Sit at a quiet corner at our shared office and meditate for a couple of minutes
  • Sip a cup of coffee while soaking in some early morning vitamin D
  • Take a break from screens every couple of hours and talk to humans

Self care can be all of these and then some more.

Have you ever tried running on an empty stomach? You might be able to pull it off without serious consequences if you have to do that once in a blue moon. But try doing that for hours, or even days. You will naturally need medical help and probably be bed-ridden to replenish your body’s resources.

This is exactly what your brain is going through right now. But what if we told you that this is pushing you towards a stress epidemic? And affecting your productivity at work at the same time?

In fact, self care and productivity are more closely linked than you realize.

Hive Workspace Coworking promotes self-care

Self-care is proportional to productivity. How?

You might think focusing on yourself will take a bite out of your deliverables and deadlines. Well, you are wrong.

  1. Self care gives you a break from common workplace stress, a reprieve from technology and an opportunity to recharge.
  2. It improves cognitive functions and concentration. Mindfulness and regular exercise stimulates release of growth factors and reduces insulin resistance and inflammation. This basically translates to better decision-making abilities, focus, memory, as well as motivation.
  3. Practicing self-care will give you the energy and motivation to help others more. Of course, you can’t pour from an empty cup. When you volunteer, host meetings and events or mentor a fellow employee, it triggers the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain, which make you happy. Furthermore, it gives you perspective and strengthens relationships too.

4 reasons why self-care & coworking go hand-in-hand

1. Explore creative outlets

Spending some time away from the humdrum of office at an inspiring, bright and open coworking space can spark new ideas. Creativity, in turn, makes you more productive, gives you a sense of purpose as well as improves overall quality of work.

2. ‘Me’ for ‘we’ : a growing community

This simply means “You are not alone”. Coworking spaces encourage you to interact with people in different fields, ventures and projects, and with their own unique skill sets. This means making meaningful, healthy and supportive relationships by being part of a well-knit community. That’s two for one!

coworking spaces promote self-care by giving you a stronger sense of work identity and less stress.

3. Prioritize what you need

Hive coworking spaces promote self-care by providing a flexible work space where employees not only meet targets and deliver on deadlines- but also thrive. Here you can feel free to prioritize themselves and work in a quiet spot if that’s what they need.

4. Collaborative yet self-directed workplace environment

Communicating with like-minded people results in higher individual self-esteem. Needless to mention, making friends with people who have similar interests, lifestyles, and goals in a semi-professional environment is always a bonus. It gives you an opportunity to not only follow the developments in domains you follow, but also be a part of the industry. But you can also work at a quiet spot if you need.

Work. Play. Grow. At Hive Workspace.

When you push yourself to the bones, day in and day out, you eventually become less energized, less creative and more worn out.

happy employees and entrepreneurs  at our shared office- co-working space in Stockholm Hive Workspace

Self-care is all about fostering the relationship you have with yourself. Whether that is by means of discovering a creative outlet or expanding your knowledge bases or even by being part of a diverse, but close-knit community– it is an investment for your physical, mental and emotional health in the long run.

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  1. Thank you for Great Blog about how co-working spaces improve your workplace productivity. Coworking spaces really help in increasing your productivity and creativity. I would like to have these types of Coworking spaces.

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